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What People Say…

“Cort Peters began work at the beginning of the season with my 17-2s team.  This is a group of seniors with some juniors who were not selected to be on the more highly ranked 17-1s team…”

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Davis Ransom

Head Coach Coast Volleyball, Point Loma Volleyball

At Adrenaline Lacrosse, we emphasize coaching to get the most out of our players.  We train coaches to have a plan and to execute that plan.  This includes dividing the season into four important parts:  Pre-training your team leading up to the first game…

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Jesse Foss

Training Director, Adrenaline Lacrosse

I met Cort Peters in the off-season before my rookie year in San Diego.  I knew that success in the NFL would require top-notch physical fitness, but also an equal amount of mental training to prepare me for competition at the highest level.  I knew about goal-setting, but I did not expect to achieve so many of my goals so quickly…

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Chris Watt

Starting Center, San Diego Chargers


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